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Moore’s Keep Christian Camp is located on 195 acres in Moore County, North Carolina.

  • Moore’s Keep Christian Camp
  • 1200 Benchmark Court, Robbins, NC 27325

Moore’s Keep Christian Camp is sponsored by:

  • Benchmark Ministries, Inc.
  • 1200 Benchmark Court, Robbins, NC 27325
  • (919) 815-7603

In case of emergency contact:

  • Director, Tom Lewis
  • Cell: (919) 815-7603

Moore’s Keep Christian Camp Map

1200 Benchmark Court, Robbins, NC 27325

Hearts, Minds and Souls.

Our mission is to introduce people of all ages to salvation through Jesus Christ and disciple believers in spiritual growth. Our cause is to win the hearts and minds of young people through the power of God's Word and to send them into the world as ambassadors for Christ.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and operate a year-round Christian camp and conference center where people of all ages can unplug from the world and step into a serene setting to draw closer to God.

To provide individuals and groups the opportunity to be still and listen to God in a safe, wholesome environment through fun and exciting summer camps, retreats and conferences.

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The need for a Christian camp to introduce juniors and teens to Christ has never been greater. 80% of those that accept Christ as their Savior do so by age 18. 60% of those make that decision at Christian camps.